William's Goals for Louisville!

Stronger City Growth - Being a Louisville native, I feel a strong connection to the city. Over the years I have watched it grow and I would like that growth to continue. To encourage that growth, I would like to reach out to businesses in other cities and encourage them to expand to Louisville. I would also like to see more developing neighborhoods in order to sustain incoming population due to economic growth. 

Roads - I would like to have all roads including back roads evaluated to ensure safety and efficient traffic flow. I would also like to ensure that side roads and back roads are properly treated during winter weather. 

Public Safety – I would like all citizens and visitors to the city to feel safe. I would also like to see a reduction in our crime rate. To ensure all of this, I would like to collaborate with the Metro Police Department to ensure adequate staffing to allow for more patrol around the city and neighborhoods. 

Strong Community Ties - I would like to see a strengthened relationship between citizens and members of Metro Council. My goal in regards to District 19 is to have open communication between citizens and myself. I plan to communicate that information by means of internet and/or social media. Also, I can set up a meeting with citizens if enough concerns are expressed over a matter so that we may have more personal communication.